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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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released ahead of president obama's prime time speech. >> president obama is expected to withdraw roughly 10,000 american troops from goon stan this year. one brigade would leave this summer a second brigade would come home by the end of the year. many polls show that americans believe this war is no longer worth fighting. >> reporter: after almost a decade of american troops fighting in afghanistan and more than 1,500 u.s. dead, tomorrow night president obama will release a timetable to bring some of the troops home. >> it will progress over the next several years, and obviously as that happens troops will be drawing down. >> reporter: as the president weighed his decision today, he met with secretary of state hillary clinton an outgoing defense secretary robert gates who pointed out military strategy isn't the only factor. >> there are concerns among the american people who are tired of a decade of war, so the
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president obviously has to take those matters into consideration. >> reporter: the decision will likely be to withdraw some 5,000 forces beginning in july. and a second wave of several thousand more by year's end. >> the president knows he can't run for re-election without having definitively drawing down the efforts. >> reporter: a group of 27 democrat and republican senators sent the president a letter last week urging a shift in afghanistan, others worry about pulling out too quickly, reversing gains made against al qaeda and the taliban. >> if they are support troops, i think that that is somewhat acceptable. if they come out of the 30,000 surge, then i think that's a matter of concern. >> reporter: the president now facing a tough call with the stability of afghanistan, and more american lives on the line. >> a total of 100,000 u.s. troops are currently in afghanistan. the u.s. is set to spend $113
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billion on operations there this year. on capitol hill, kristen dahlgren, news 4. >> for years the plan and the hope has been that the afghan people would be able to control their own security by the year 2014. the d.c. council is wrestling with ways to toughen the city's ethics laws. the effort comes as news four has confirmed a federal grand jury is investigating allegations of corruption. tom sherwood is here with the latest on all this, tom? >> the council says it will act on a new ethics law by fall. everyone wants to know, what will that grand jury do? >> all in favor say aye. all opposed? the ayes have it. >> the public gets the message that we're going to run an accountable transparent government for washington. >> the toughest part of it, if there was a violation, would be the penalties that could be imposed. suspension with or without pay.
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reprimand, recommendation to the u.s. attorney's office for criminal charges. >> the council is reacting to public outrage over a series of ethics lapses. a law can only go so far. if people are taking money that doesn't belong to them, they shouldn't do that. that's something you don't need an ethics bill to tell you. >> tommy thomas is being sued by the city for converting $300,000 in city funds to his personal use. kwame brown is being investigated for extensive campaign finance violations. a federal grand jury is now investigating investigations that suleman brown was paid off by the gray campaign last year to keep up criticism of adrian fenty. brown also got a $110,000 a year job. gray's lawyer says gray has not been called before a grand jury. but he did say, i have
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investigated this thoroughly. there is absolutely no merit to any accusations that mayor gray knew or participated or authorized any payments to suleman brown. >> that's a strong statement by the mayor's lawyer, but it only covers the mayor, not the people in his campaign. doreen that's the issue. did someone connectsed to the campaign go too far. >> the mayor could escape criminal charges on this but lose the confidence of the voters. >> people would like to see this settled. what is it? what's happened? >> keep us posted. tom sherwood. john mccain wants to clarify his controversial comments about illegal immigrants possibly starting the wildfires down in arizona. the fires have now burned 42
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square miles and destroyed at least 60 homes. this morning mccain was on the "today" show, he said he was simply repeating information he had been given by federal officials. mccain said illegal immigrantses set fires to signal others and to divert law enforcement agents. >> we all know that people who come across our border illegally, according to the forest service, the border patrol, according to the local sheriffs, that these fires are sometimes, some of them have been caused by this. >> a spokesman for the u.s. forest service says while the latest wildfires appear to have been started by someone. there's no evidence that the suspects are undocumented evidence. it may be hard for smokers to ignore the dangers of cigarettes. new labels on cigarette packages
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will graphically depict the negative effects of lighting up. the fda unveiled the new ads today, they include a corpse a man with rotting teeth. >> you know that people started to ignore the earlier warnings, this is the first change in the cigarette label in 25 years. >> they are a bit abrasive, but i think it sends a message. >> you don't have to put that stuff on the label, everyone knows it. >> the label will take up the front and back top half of a pack of cigarettes. the jury handed down a guilty verdict today in a hit and run crash that killed a woman in dupont circle last fall. the driver has been convicted of neglect homicide, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries. and driving under the influence. she was also ordered held without bond until she is sentenced. derrick ward is at superior court now with reaction from the
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victim's family. derrick? >> reporter: the fact that she's being held without bond is an ironic and unexpected twist during this case. there was evidence produced that showed she had been involved in prior drunk driving incidents. since this defendant is from alban albania, she posed a flight risk. for the family, it provides some degree of comfort. >> she was wonderful. she was an angel in our family. we all just loved and adored her. >> kila ryan is gone at age 24 and now jerita davidson has been found guilty of neglect homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence of a hit and run incident. >> this jury took this case incredibly seriously, and i'm so impressed at the level of sophistication and mindfulness of ever single juror. >> jurors had deliberated since friday afternoon and came back with a verdict after two days of
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deliberations. the jury believed she struck ryan after ryan had gotten out of a car. >> we love you, we thank god we had you for the short 24 years. >> david soon didn't stop after the accident but a witness on a bike followed her black lexus suv long enough to get the tag number. when police tracked her down, she was at her home, in her vehicle passed out. >> this lady was drunk and moved over three lanes going too fast and hit my daughter as she's getting out of a car. and ended her life. >> reporter: davidson's attorney had argued that his client suffered from ptsd after a troubled childhood in albania, and the death of both of her parents while she was young. >> we invested an incredible amount of time. we've been doing this since friday, on every single item that both the prosecution and the defense presented to us. >> don't drink and drive.
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get a designated driver or stay home. >> there are some indications that the defense will mountain appeal to this verdict today. in the meantime, jerita davidson is due back in court september 9th for sentencing. now back to you. >> thanks. eight people have been arrested in a creative counterfeit scheme in prince georges county. it targeted shoppers at a walmart store. pat collins joins us live near the store with more on how authorities uncovered the fine. >> reporter: it went on for weeks and left some walmart shoppers with some bogus bucks. this is a real 20 from my wallet. this is the counterfeit 20. front, back. pretty realistic to me. how good is this? >> it's very good. it's very realistic, and you
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slip that in with a couple $20 bills, real ones, you would never know the difference. >> this is how police tell the story. the printer. a man from capitol heights, maryland. a man identified as cart clark. he's the one who made those very realistic counterfeit 20s. >> as you can see with the advent of technology, the quality of these bills are amazing. >> the chicago contractors. they came all the way from illinois to capitol heights. here they paid $30 real money for a $100 bundle of counterfeit. the cagey cashier. the ring had some inside help. a woman who worked as a cashier at the walmart in bladensburg. she was the pivot point person. >> it was not only a good way for them to get the bills into
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circulation, but it was also a good way to wash the money and get it away from the people involved in the scheme. >> the changers, members of the ring who would take the counterfeit money into walmart, to that special cashier and then purchase prepaid visa cards which they would turn into cash. the sting. that cashier would then distribute the counterfeit money to customers as she made change for their purchases. >> all the counterfeit money was given out to customers and there was no trace of it in there. >> reporter: the mistake, you see, they say that cashier left some of those counterfeit bills in the register, it made it back to the counting room, and store security picked up on it. and store security called the prince georges county police much it was curtains for the cashier and the rest of them. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: if you shopped at
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this walmart, you may want to check your change. real money, if you hold it up to the light has a line up here, it's like a piece of fabric that's woven in to the money. counterfeit, no line. doreen, back to you. >> a lot of people will be checking their 20s right now about. i think. >> this is a good one. >> pat collins, reporting from bladensburg. the heroes who rescues the survivors in a fiery jetliner crash in russia. one contender for the white house is facing a new set back. tracy morgan explaining how he feels now after a homophobic rant during a standup routine. after our report on the theft of a harley honoring fallen military members. another veteran is coming forward about what could be a rising trend. the heat is definitely on out there, very warm and humid today, a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. i'll show where you those are, plus, how warm are we going to
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get? a pair of local guards work out for the wizards prior to the nba draft. also, kareem abdul-jabbar weighs in on the problems with today's nba. and why serena williams was crying after
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russian officials are blaming pilot error for that fiery plane crash late last night. an aging russian airliner crashed in heavy fog that was coming in for landing at a small city near the border with finland. it was a russ air flight that started in moscow. eight people on the flight survived, they were dragged from the burning wreckage by people who live near the crash site. the survivors include a mother, her 9-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter. they're said to be in critical condition at a nearby hospital. four of the victims had dual russian/u.s. citizenship. the state department has not yet released any information on them. a new candidate in the republican presidential race tonight. his name is jon huntsman. he sefbed two terms as the governor of utah, and he was
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popular. he enter eed the race in the sa place ronald reagan did in 1980. and then he went straight to new hampshire. >> reporter: in new hampshire on day one, jon hunts dpl man has to do well here if he has a shot at the white house. >> this is is the hour when we choose our future. >> reporter: huntsman is the son of the wealthiest man in utah. he can afford to pay for his own ads like this one. huntsman is a moderate. he supported same sex civil unions, until april, he worked for president obama as ambassador to china. >> i'm jon huntsman, and i'm running for president of the united states. >> reporter: he did not attack his old boss. >> i respect the president of the united states. he and i have a difference of opinion on how to help a country we both love.
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>> reporter: far less partisan than most other republican candidates. he's different. >> that's why some republican strategists think his challenge is to survive the primaries. >> reporter: m.i.t. romny has the same challenge, like hunts man, he won't try to win with a wash that's dominated by conservatives like fiery republican governor texan rick perry. today it's huntsman who says he's the one to shake up the gop race. huntsman is casting himself as the more likeable, more authentic alternative to mitt romney. steve handlesman, news 4, capitol hill. the newt gingrich campaign has been beset by another exodus. two of the main fund-raisers for the former speaker of the house have quit. the campaign spokes man confirmed to nbc news that the
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fund-raising director and a finance consultant have left the gingrich campaign. his spokesman says the women who left were important to the effort but other members of the finance team remain committed. earlier this month, gingrich lost more than 10 senior campaign staff members. they resigned over differences in how the campaign should be run. coming up on news 4. a monster tornado and just a little bit of damage. >> one thing that researchers say boosted a man's libido by nearly 30% and it's all natural. >> severe weather headed our way, doug
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mark kelley announced today that he's retiring. kelly kmoocommanded the space shuttle "endeavor" mission several weeks ago. he's the husband of gabry el giffords. his retirement officially begins october 1st. one of his first orders of business will be to write a b k book. longest day of the year today? >> yes. >> feeling a lot like summer out
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there? >> it really is. mother nature is making it feel a lot like summer out there. we have the thunderstorm activity to prove it. live digital doppler radar showing you several storms. one around louden county. starting to see it move in from west virginia. right around the charlestown region. martinsburg, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for berkeley county and jefferson county. this storm has a lot of lightning and could produce golf ball sized hail. the haguers town area, storminess around you as well. nothing like what they saw yesterday out toward the midwest. this was a completely different story around omaha, nebraska. look at this tornado. just amazing this tornado that made its way through around hamilton county. they saw 40 reports of tornados in that region.
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a lot of damage, but u unfortunately, this is not a populated area. you can see there's a house off to the left. you see the roof fly off this house as well. good news was, nobody hurt there, but there were a couple injuries reported throughout portions of kansas and nebraska. as far as our weather is concerned, what are we seeing out there today? we saw a high temperature of 87 degrees. it didn't feel like 80, it felt like 90. very humid, dewpoint above 70 degrees, that's where we've been today. that's why it feels so humid outside, that's where we're going to stay. 84 degrees out there right now. winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. 90 right now in winchester. 91 in culpepper and 81 in clinton. it's not the heat, it's the humidity. 98 in frederick. 102 in fredericksburg, those are the kinds of numbers i expect to
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see everywhere over the next couple days. we'll also see scattered showers and thunderstorms like we have during the day today, probably a little more numerous tomorrow. 84 here in washington, but look toward raliegh, 94 degrees. that's the heat that's trying to work its way into the area. very warm and humid air ahead of a big storm system. that's the one that produced the severe weather. we're going to see showers and storms. we are going to see warm and humid air, maybe that's going to be the worst of what we do see the next couple days. high temperatures nowhere near where they were a couple weeks ago. partly cloudy, quite humid. a few showers. 82 dropping down to 76 degrees by 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. tomorrow morning, starting off warm and humid. can't rule out a couple showers early tomorrow morning. but i'm not expecting too much. partly sunny tomorrow afternoon. hot and humid with scattered thunderstorms. 90 to 94 degrees, that's what
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we're going to be feeling tomorrow, the humidity with the heat index above 95 tomorrow. about a 40% chance of showers wednesday and thursday. and then again on saturday. friday, chance of a shower, about 20%. i'm keeping out for right now. high of 90 on friday. sunday temperatures fall back down into the 80s, and yes still a chance of showers there. coming up this friday, in a couple days, we're going to be live in someone's backyard once again. if you'd like us to come to your backyard, send us pictures. >> i thought this backyard thing was about the weather, not about feeding you? >> it's -- >> it's a mix? >> yeah. >> he's trying to put together a cookbook. >> or a free meal. coming up, thrillseekers get tossed around in some rough waters.
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even for veteran rafters, this was a ride like no other. a different kind of gun law is about to change in one local county. we'll tell you why some people are concerned about that. a costly punishment for a man who admitted to having sex while driving on the beltway. look at those guys. are they happy or what? that's a catfish, folks. not any old catfish. stay tuned. coming up in sports, the nationals hope to start a new wing streak against the mariners, serena williams says she's not a crier. why
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president obama is about to announce plans to withdraw 10,000 american troops from afghanistan. details will be released on a prime time address tomorrow night. eight people were arrested in a counterfeit scheme in prince georges county. they were circulating fake $20 bills at a walmart store. they got caught when some of the bills made it to the store's counting room. >> the d.c. council getting ready to toughen the ethics laws. this comes as a federal grand
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jury investigates corruption charges in the mayor's race last year. the search continues for the thief who stole a purple harley-davidson motorcycle in fairfax county. >> security cameras caught someone driving off on it. it was supposed to be a rolling tribute to a fallen service member. jane watrell tells us, the story grabbed the attention of one veteran who was caught in a similar situation. >> it looked like the same scenario that would have occurred here. >> reporter: vietnam veteran and harley owner jerry gomez is talking about this security camera video he watched on news 4 monday night. it shows a thief riding off
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stealing a very special motorcycle. one that was covered with purple hearts, belonging to an army national guardsmen, who wanted to pay special tribute to wounded troops. >> just to see that upsets me. i like bikes, i like harleys, and'm a vet, and i just see what that poor guy went through. i know what it's like that you're violated. >> because jerry's bike, a 2009 harley-davidson was the exact same model as the soldier's bike. it too was stolen from jerry's crystal city parking garage in arlington last month. normally this door is closed, only residentses can get in and out. on the morning that jerry's bike was stolen in may. he said he noticed something was odd. the door was stuck in the up position. jerry isn't sure how the thieves got his motorcycle out of the garage. fairfax county police believe whoever was in this white van had something to do with the
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theft of the purple motorcycle. insurance has replaced his bike. gomez says he now takes extra precautions. >> you see i have a heavy duty klain with a heavy duty lock. even these locks, it doesn't prevent them from taking, it just slows them down. >> a hot commodity. 30 to 40 motorcycles have been stolen so far this year. in arlington, there have been ten. in crystal city, jane watrell news 4. >> in the case of the stolen purple heart, it was stolen in broad daylight. police believe someone in the area may have seen or heard it pull away, because it has a really loud exhaust system. the actions of the group in charge of the metro to dulles project are being reviewed. frank wolf and tom latham asked federal inspectors to audit the actions of the airport authority. congress put the authorities in charge of the dulles and reagan airports under a long term lease.
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the arrangement includes the commuter rail project, some of the decisions regarding that project have come under heavy fire recently. the lawmakers want the audit to determine whether the authority is complying with the terms of the law and the lease. the man accused of having sex during a high speed crash on the beltway will have to pay. that accident happened last may near the telegraph road exit in fairfax county. according do the washington post, salem tradd will have to pay $22,000 to a cab driver whose minivan he rear ended. he was already convicted for drunk driving in that accident. tradd and his friends were driving home from baltimore after celebrating his 21st birthday. for years, paint ball guns and pellet guns have been treated like rec fireagular firn fairfax county. a new state law is changing that, and forcing the county to take some action of its own. >> we have a compressed air tank right here, air goes through this line right here, and every
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time you pull the trigger, the ball goes back and forth. propels the paint ball out. >> paint ball, bb and air soft guns, all fall into the category of pneumatic weapons, and soon they could be making appearances in backyards across fairfax county. the paint ball guns have only been permitted in the remote corners of fairfax. a law approved in april requires relaxed rules for pneumatic guns everywhere. gun rights activists endorse the change. >> it's called freedom of liberty, i'm glad to see this happening. so many people learned responsibility and shooting and everything. this is just carrying on an american tradition, really. >> the new state law takes effect july 1st, so the supervisors must adjust its ordinance to come into compliance before then. under the new law they'll consider bb guns and the like could be fired on private property, as long as reasonable
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care is taken to keep projectiles from ending up in the neighbor's yard. neighbors could ban together and agree to allow shooting on adjoining properties. sharon bulova appears -- >> the law is awfully subjective and a bit fuzzy. essentially what it's -- what it would say, is that if you can believe you can shoot bb guns in your yard, and you believe that you're not going to affect someone else then that's okay. >> bulova is also braced for complaints she's sure will come once the new law takes effect. in fairfax county, julie carey news 4. tracy morgan is dealing with the aftermath of his homophobic rant. hear what he has to say about it now. a wild rafting ride that tossed some veteran rafters
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overboard. ♪ don't forget there's a new live episode of the voice tonight. we saw four contestants eliminated. four more will go tonight. it starts at
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hello, everybody urk welcome back. i'm doug kammerer. not a lot of storms out there, we have a couple. even a severe thunderstorm in west virginia. one other cell down toward southern portions of fairfax county, bringing light showers and light thunderstorm activity as well. here's the big storm, right around martinsburg. martinsburg getting hit hard. a lot of lightning associated with this one, the other storm into winchester and virginia, right on the border of west virginia and virginia into louden county. jefferson county. that one starting to produce a lot of lightning there too. we'll continue to watch for that storm as it makes its way off to the south and east. temperatures tomorrow, 93 in washington. we'll have a better chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. the heat index will be over the 95 degree mark. it's going to be a little uncomfortable. an asian herb is getting a lot of attention right now for the possibility that it might be
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able to spice up your sex life. australian researchers found the men who took fenugreek extract for six weeks, had a 28% boost to their libido. they also reported improved performance. t the herb contains an ingredient that is thought to stimulate male's sexual performance. morgan went back to nashville to meet with members of the gay community. and to make a public apology. he shared the stage with kevin rogers, the man who first brought attention to the standup routine when he posted it on his facebook page. morgan said, even members of his own family were hurt by what he said. >> i want to apologize to my friends and my family, my fans.
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and everyone in every community who are offended by this. i didn't know, i didn't mean it. and that's how i feel about it, i don't have a hateful bone in my body. >> after the news conference morgan and rogers embraced. he got the feeling that morgan was sincere in his apology. so what's up? >> you know who's sincere about just about every subject you could cover? kare kareem abdul-jabbar. he's so intelligent. he said right now he's reading a book about chess. he wants to learn to master the game. something tells me you don't want to play him. he doesn't give advice to current nba players, we'll tell you why.
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what a close call for some rafters on the rapids in colorado on sunday. one of them had a video camera on his helmet. it's hard to watch. spring runoff and recent rain turned clear creek and idaho
6:46 pm
spring into churning whitewater. all four riders were tossed overboard. the rapids turned them into human pinballs smacking them into rock after rock. amazingly everybody somehow made it safely to shore. even after going on 30 rafting trips, the veteran rafters said they have nerve seen water that rough before. >> that can hurt. >> yeah. >> when you -- >> that's why they tell you to wear a helmet when you're doing that. >> feet first. >> what's up, lindsay. >> the wizards are getting ready for the nba draft. things are not as simple as when they just said john wall. the wizards currently hold the 6th, 18th and 34th picks overall. experts project this to be one of the weakest drafts in recent memory. the wiz ars are getting ready for every possible is a fire yo, in the hopes of adding more key pieces. wizards coach flip saunders and
6:47 pm
company have looked at about 60 different players to gauge draftable talent. cam long was on his second visit back today. he turned heads as he helped george mason to the second round of the ncaa tournament this past year. also, chris wright who was the engine on the how ya's offense, he broke his hand before the tournament. for wright, being able to work out for the wizards is something special. >> it was great. it was fun. i told a couple guys, i remember being here the first game ever in the building. i still got the ticket at home, so i'm a wizards fan. i grew up here right around the corner. >> i think i'm not going to pay attention really. probably go back home, go to the beaches, sit out in the sun, and hopefully relax.
6:48 pm
hopefully thursday i'll get a text message or phone call saying, congratulations you are going to play for -- >> kareem abdul-jabbar recently made news announcing his displeasure that he's not had a statue of himself made outside the stadium in l.a. where he plate 14 years. he probably should have let that pass. but he's known for speaking his mind. he's continued to maintain the league should move the starting age from 19 to 21. >> too many kids are like i'm going to do something that will get me on play of the day. that's great, but that doesn't win games. that is an homage to their athletic ability. >> would you ever reach out to lebron james when he was going through the decision? >> no, i don't. most players, they don't react very well to it. >> okay. >> i said something about dwight
6:49 pm
howard. i just critiqued his game. he doesn't do everything perfectly right. i mentioned something, and he got offended and i don't want to make enemies. it's going to take someone else more time to get through to them. but that's the way it goes, i guess. >> i'm just saying. if kareem abdul-jabbar comes up to you and says, hey, buddy, you might want to hook it that way, you're probably going to do it. >> it is an interesting point he makes. he is talking about entitlement he feels with nba players and the age being that difference. >> moving to the tennis courts. serena williams reaction today said it all. after cutting her feet on glass while in germany last year, she's endured a roller coaster year of surgeries, health complications and doubt that she would ever get back on the court. today she officially overcame those obstacles, beating her opponent in center court. andy roddick overcame his
6:50 pm
obstacle. andy roddick making his 2011 wimbledon debut. roddick in the near court up a set in the second trading ground strokes. beck tries to put one away in the corner, but roddick gets it, rips the backhand cross court winner. on the women's side, serena williams returning to action after a year off. first set she was serving in the far court against rizi from france. serena, watch this, puts away the forehand winner, she would take the first set and lose the second. there were a lot of folks there to watch. diana ross was there taking in action on center court. then for serena in the third set, she was in control. serving for the match, wins it with an ace, and then she let the emotions flow. tears of joy after being out for a year, with two foot operations and pulmonary embolisms that nearly cost her her life. >> it's been a disaster year,
6:51 pm
but i've been praying and have my family and i love tennis. to be able to come back at wimbledon is pretty awesome. and, you know, i didn't expect to play. i didn't expect to even do anything. this is just -- i'm just excited. i never cried with joy for anything. >> serena williams will face romania's player in the final round. trying to return from shoulder surgery that ended his career with the nationals, he's 29 years old, pitched for the blue jays this spring, but ended up with the independent st. paul saints. the current nationals begin a series against the mariners tonight. jim riggleman says the goal is to start fresh after their winning streak was snapped. >> we were very disappointed we lost that game the other day. i like the idea that the ball club's trying to win the game,
6:52 pm
not thinking about the streak, they were trying to win that ball game. and very irritated we didn't win it. want to go win tonight. it's not about winning the series, it's not about streaks or whatever. it's about trying to win the ball game at hand and stay focused, and i think our guys have done a good job at that. >> jim riggleman and the nats have a chance tonight to get
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four camps inourareawill inourareawillbeable to give kids in need a great summer thanks to the generosity of our viewers. nbc 4 and giant food presented checks for the camp for kids campaign. all the donations that come in go to camp brown, camp jc's and camp fantastic. >> it's a wonderful program where we bond children from all the area hospitals. what it does is allow the children to be themselves and be children while they're still undergoing treatment for cancer. >> if you would like to donate to camp 4 kids, you can go to our website
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and search camp 4 kids. it has been an exciting first day in africa for first lady michelle obama. she had a surprise meeting with nelson mandela today. the civil rights icon requested to see her during the first day of her week long trip to africa. kristen welker has more from johannesburg. >> reporter: michelle obama and nelson mandela meet for the first time. her daughters malia and sasha also share the moment. monday night they arrive d, accompanied by mrs. obama's mother, niece and nephew. malia and sasha were given african blankets to guard them from south africa's winter chill. the red carpet will also be rolled out for marion robinson, the first grandmother. most of the attention will be for mrs. obama, america's first african-american first lady
6:57 pm
visiting her ancestral continent. >> it's very, very exciting. >> i think it's very motivating for young black women. >> reporter: during her week long trip, she will promote youth leadership, education and hiv/aids awareness. she paid tribute to south africa's most iconic figure. with a tour of the nelson mandela foundation. she'll also visit the infamous jail where mandela was imprisoned for nearly 20 years. mrs. obama met obama who is 92 years old and in frail health. president obama met mandela back in 2005. in johannesburg, kristen welker, nbc news. coming up at 11:00 tonight, a close call for a child in the area. a kid was asleep when lightning hit his house and shot through his bedroom. the closest thing in real life to the girl with the dragon
6:58 pm
tattoo, now under arrest in europe. also, we'll tell you why the state of maryland could be the biggest loser if the nfl season is cancelled. one more check on our weather forecast? >> a couple storms out there. we're talking about west virginia and now toward louden county into virginia, let's take a zoom into those areas, another area of rain. down toward southern fairfax county. that's just the rain. these are storms. around martinsburg, charlestown, just to the east of winchester and virginia, moving across the west virginia line into virginia, into louden county around lovettsville. watch out, there are pretty good rainshowers as well as lightning associated with these storms as well. we'll continue to watch out for those. 93 tomorrow, 91 on your thursday, with about a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms. friday, temperature around 90 degrees, and on saturday, we dipped below that 90 degree mark. we keep our showers, we also
6:59 pm
keep our hugh midity on the high side. clarksville, virginia is a small town down near the north carolina line. people are up in a tizzy about what came out of bugs island lake on saturday. it was a blue catfish. look at this. it weighed 143 pounds. 57 inches long. doug said it looks like a hippo. more than 43 inches around. fish and game experts say once the catch is certified it will in fact shatter state and world records. one expert says the blue catfish of that size could be as old as 25. it was caught by a guy from north carolina named nick anderson. he's the one in the east carolina shirt there. >> the one with the biggest smile. >> he and his dad and step brother tried four s


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